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Optimize Your Revenue Cycle

Do You Feel Like Your Practice's Revenue Should Be Higher?

Revenue Cycle Management is time consuming and complicated. CodeOne connects with your practice to serve you in achieving your goals. Our FREE baseline evaluation of your credentialing, coding, billing, AR follow up and reporting analytics shows you how you are currently performing. We will create an optimal reimbursement solution for each physician based on the best practices CodeOne can implement when given the opportunity to work with your practice.

Medical Consultation

Tailored Customer Experience

CodeOne tailors reports to show the data you want to see. You have direct contact to your personal account representative to address any concerns you may have.

Financial Report

Detailed Approached

CodeOne uses 20 different benchmarks to determine if your practice is getting the maximum reimbursement. Click here for more details.

Medical Team

We Work with You

There is no magical solution to getting maximized revenue. It takes hard work, dedication and cooperation between CodeOne and your practice. CodeOne is a business that is flexible and willing to make changes to best suit your practice.

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Practice Management Software Experience 

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Our Medical Billing Associations 

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Contact Us

Ask any questions! This is the first step in getting a free revenue cycle analysis report for your practice. Please also click here for a quick evaluation of your practice.


Thank you for contacting CodeOne! We'll get back to you soon. Please click here for a quick evaluation of your practice.

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