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What We Do

Medical Consultation

CodeOne is committed to putting you in financial control of your practice. In order to have a pulse on your finances, we provide timely, inclusive, relevant information to allow you to make the best possible decisions for your patients and practice. We provide the tools for you to understand the clinical and financial components of your practice, enabling the financial health of your practice to prosper and thrive.

Doctor Office
Service Setup

Upon forming a billing partnership with a practice, CodeOne’s initial mission is to understand the goals and priorities of the practice being served. Forms, including and not limited to: Superbills, patient registration forms, and Fee Schedules are created and/or updated. Present processes at the practice are reviewed and contracts are assessed to ensure the practice is appropriately tied to all payers contractually. CodeOne installs the necessary equipment in the practice’s office (device and scanners), and the billing service process commences.

Medical form with stethoscope
CodeOne's Service

CodeOne will do all the following:

- Credentialing, coding, billing and account receivables

- Oversee every claim

- Ensure accurate reimbursements

- Appeal non-payments and underpayments

- Manage the patient payment process

- Superbill and fee schedule management

- Frequent reports on financial performance 

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